Video: Budget-built Barra hits the dyno

Scotty puts his quick-and-dirty Barra build to the test on the Maxx Performance dyno

Videographers: Matt Hull

In our last episode from Carnage, Scotty took us blow-by-blow through the process of assembling a budget-built Barra, one that is capable of living its best life while making 1000hp at the crank. If you haven’t seen that episode, go back and watch it here.

TLDW? The basic plan is as follows: Take a petrol-spec Barra in good nick and do some hillbilly machine work on it, ready to accept FG turbo-spec pistons and a set of H-beam rods, with some head studs and a new head gasket thrown in for good measure.

Then throw the head, timing chain and externals from the previous stock-bottom-end LPG motor on top and button it up.

Of course to meet our shooting and racing schedule, Scotty did the whole thing in just a few days, including pulling the old engine, stripping it down and refitting the new one.

It was an big effort, now sit back and watch what happened when we rolled the new combo into the Maxx Performance dyno cell to see what she is made of!