Video: Can the Barra-swapped MX-5 runs eights with its big turbo?

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty goes on the hunt for an eight-second pass in our Barra-swapped Mazda MX-5!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Avid followers of Carnage will know Scotty has been preparing the MX-5 to go Mach 1 with a bunch of fresh-go fast bits in the pursuit of an eight-second time slip.

Those bits included a brand-new Pulsar G42 1450 turbo, sitting on top of a custom-made manifold from the champions at Maxx Performance. That, combined with a conversion to a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, saw the car’s power rocket to an astonishing 822rwhp on the Maxx dyno, a good 250rwhp more than last time!

With that much extra stonk under him, Scotty headed back to Heathcote for the Ford-Powered Nationals with the high hopes of finally snagging that eight-second PB. The car’s best was already a 9.04 @152mph on the old power, so surely that extra oomph would see it break the nine-second barrier.

The first pass off the trailer was a softer one, with Scotty easing the Mazda down the track to a 9.61 @158mph. The higher MPH indicated the pace was already better; the car just needed a stronger 60-foot.

Scotty battled a few gremlins on the start line with the launch, as the Mazda was struggling to hit peak boost on the line and therefore only running in the mid-nines. So, did he manage to sort it out and get the car into the eight-second club? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.