Video: The head goes back onto the Trolvo!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty starts bolting the head back onto the Trolvos 1JZ

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

It’s Trolvo time again in the Carnage workshop, as Scotty thrashes on our 10-second, 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240 to get it ready for Haltech’s Birthday Bash event at Sydney Dragway on 18 December.

Last time you saw the Trolvo, Scotty had finished installing the beefy new rear end, so now the attention turns to getting the engine back together and making even more stonk.

A big part of that is upgrading the cams, which is a head-off job to do properly due to the intricacies Toyota engineered into the bulletproof JZ platform.

Setting up the head itself requires a specialist touch, which is why Scotty had the JZ wizards at G-Force Race Solutions handle that side of things.

They cleaned and decked the standard head, installed upgraded Kelford valve springs and treated it to some mild porting. They also did a conversion to shimless buckets, which does away with the factory hydraulic units to allow for the target rpm of around 8500.

With the head back, Scotty’s first job was to clean up the block and pistons. Some oven cleaner worked a treat for this (even if it did fumigate the entire workshop), and the fresh head was then whacked on with a new, genuine Toyota MLS head gasket and a set of ARP head studs.

The new cams are bigger Kelford 272/278 sticks from Goleby’s Parts. They had to be removed to make way for the head studs when the head went back onto the block, and then a very strict procedure had to be followed when reinstalling them.

It’s at this point that things went full-Carnage, as one of the camshafts snapped midway through the installation. It’s a well-known problem for the JZ platform, and Scotty made sure he followed the specifically outlined procedure for this job. Unfortunately, cars will be cars and sometimes this stuff happens.

The good news is that Goleby’s Parts has already sent out a brand new exhaust cam, so Scotty will be able to continue with the installation as soon as that shows up.