Video: Supermang is back!

In this episode of Carnage, our fan-favourite VN Berlina makes a comeback!

Videographers: Matt Hull

Everyone’s favourite V6-powered Commodore is back, as Scotty revives Supermang with some sweet upgrades in this latest episode of Carnage.

It’s been a hot minute since you’ve seen the big red VN Berlina on your screens, as the last time we used it was back when Scotty raced it at the Tuff Mounts Holden Nationals in March.

When it was there, it developed a slow coolant leak from an O-ring, so the first job as part of the VN’s resurrection was to remedy that with some genuine replacements.

While Scotty was in the engine bay, he also took the opportunity to fit a custom 69mm throttlebody from our friend Paul Rappo, who also loves his V6 Commodores.

Another big upgrade was a fettled converter from Simon at AllFast Converters in Perth. A test drive after this episode has Scotty thinking the new converter is around a 3500rpm staller, which should help improve the 60-foot times once we head back to the track.

Once it does one last run at the track, we can throw the Mace Engineering 4.2-litre stroker V6 in and really turn this thing up – so stay tuned for that!