Video: More boost upgrades for the Supermang!

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty throws some more upgrades at Supermang in the pursuit of more power!

Videographers: Matt Hull

The Supermang returns for this fresh episode of Carnage, with Scotty making one last-ditch effort with the L67 V6 and M90 supercharger combo in the hunt for more power before we ditch the blower and go turbo.

The first big change was the throttle body and intake elbow for the blower. Scotty found a bigger elbow online some time ago, and also scored a sweet three-bolt LS1 throttle body from our friends at MPW Performance.

To match the bigger diameter intake on the new elbow, Scotty had to get the die grinder out and neatly enlarge the cast section of the blower intake to match the new elbow.

There was also the chance of a cheeky shot of giggle gas making its way into the mix, but at the time of shooting, Scotty wanted to get the VN to Holden Nationals. With that deadline, we ran out of time to get it fully set up before a last minute dyno session at Maxx Performance, but we’ll get onto that soon!

So how much difference did the intake mods make? Well you’ll have to watch the video below to find out!