Video: Can Supermang go quicker with less boost?

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty goes hunting for a PB in the L67-swapped VN!


In the last instalment of Carnage, Scotty got our ‘Supermang’ VN ready for another crack at the track by installing a new converter, a fresh L67 blower, a larger throttlebody, and a bigger boost pulley for less boost.

Yep, you read that right – less boost! Scotty felt the smaller pulley that was on Supermang last time he raced wasn’t actually yielding that much more power, so he went back to the bigger 8psi pulley to make roughly the same power but more efficiently.

A quick session down at Maxx Performance’s dyno in last week’s episode largely proved the theory correct, with the car still making around 280rwhp like it did with the old pulley.

For this episode, both Scotty and the Supermang are back at Heathcote to see if the changes can bring a stronger PB and land the VN in the mid-12-second bracket. The biggest difference here is the new converter from Allfast Converters, which we hoped would significantly improve the car’s 60-foot time.

The day started strongly with the VN running a pair of 12.77s and an improved 60-foot, just like Scotty had hoped!

He then cooled the car off and waited for the outside temp to drop a bit. That’s when things started getting a whole lot quicker. How much quicker? You’ll have to watch the video above to find out.