Video: Goodbye D-Max, and workshop update

In this episode of Carnage, Scotty farewells our workshop ute and gives us an update on all the projects

Videographers: Matt Hull

Every workshop needs a reliable workshop vehicle, and for quite a while now, our stallion of choice has been a 2022 Isuzu D-Max LS-U dual-cab ute.

It did everything we asked of it – towing race cars, picking up parts, ferrying us around on Drag Challenge or just going for smoko runs. Sadly, after 35,000km of use, it was time to bid farewell to the D-Max and hand her back over to Isuzu.

While Scotty was unpacking the D-Max, he also gave us a quick update on the Carnage happenings over the next eight to nine weeks as we edge closer to Street Machine Summernats in January.

One piece of news that is sure to please the OG Carnage fans is that the Turbo Taxi is set for a comeback very soon. The new Barra is back from its beefing-up at Dandy Engines, which you may see in an episode later this week. Then we’ll get it thrown into the car and hopefully be ready to race at the Ford-Powered Nationals in a month’s time.

There’s also some awesome news for the Trolvo, with a plan now hatched to make a 1.5JZ from our spare 2JZ bottom end and the Trolvo’s 1JZ head. That should see it well into the low nines, which would be pretty crazy for that Swedish brick!

We’ve also got news on the VN Berlina, Mr Dodgey, the Barra MX-5 and even the Lexcen 1UZ wagon, so crack a coldie and relax as Scotty fills you in on all the juicy details.