Turbo Taxi update – Carnage Plus Episode Fourteen

Turbo Taxi goes external wastegate with a new Turbosmart Gen V 50mm Pro Gate


THE last you guys would have seen of the Turbo Taxi was its Barra motor with a big hole in the side of the block after melting a piston at Calder Park. If you haven’t seen the full episode you should check it out – the motor let go just as the taxi crossed the finish line for an 11.01-second PB and sprayed oil everywhere.

Since then it’s been living at Maxx Performance where the boys are about to drop a new LPG motor into the car so we can get it back on the road. We also sent the Garrett turbo back to GCG in Sydney for a health check and it passed with flying colours, now they’re converting it to external wastegate for us.

Yep, boost control has always been an issue with the taxi so to solve that once and for all we’re going to an external wastegate. Turbosmart hooked us up with one of their new Gen V 50mm Pro Gates which will help us control the boost more precisely than before so hopefully we don’t blow up any more motors.

The boys at Maxx have modified our exhaust manifold to accept the 50mm ‘gate, so once the turbo arrives back from GCG it’s game on.