Trolvo 1JZ-GTE powered Volvo part two – Carnage Episode 30

Scotty gets busy getting our unfinished project Volvo 240 up and running


LAST time we left you on Carnage, we’d finally started wrenching on Project Trolvo, with Scotty setting a bold goal of getting the Volvo up and running and on the dyno in just a week with its new twin-turbo Toyota 1JZ heart.

However, it soon became abundantly clear that this brick needed a butt-load more work than originally thought, so we figured we’d split the initial build episodes into two parts and give ourselves a bit more time to get it running.

Part two finds Scotty buttoning up all the vitals needed to breathe some life into this thing. The intercooler piping gets finished off, the car is graced with a shiny new trans cooler and lines, the radiator is plumbed in and the A340 gearbox gets a service. After some gentle massaging, the sump kit also gets bolted up with a Goleby’s Parts baffle kit – and then we start to hit a few roadblocks.

The first of these is the turbo oil drain fitting, which proves to be a major challenge to make work with a front sump while retaining the factory twin turbos. But after a fair bit of swearing and many trips to QuickBitz for a whole host of Raceworks AN fittings, we finally get the oiling system sorted.

After draining all the disgusting old petrol out of the tank, the vitals are sorted and the trusty Trolvo is finally ready for its first kick in the guts. One cloud of ambiguity that had been hanging over this whole build was the state of the wiring, which we’d been told was good to go. Lo and behold, the first hit of the key produces nothing more than a few dash lights and a whole lot of disappointment.

After a bit more investigation into the rats’ nest of wiring, Scotty deduces that Project Trolvo is at a bit of a crossroads; we can either spend a lot of time trying to fix the wiring that is there with the factory 1JZ ECU, or rip it all out and start again with a killer Haltech ECU.

What will we do? Well, you’ve have to keep an eye our socials, YouTube channel and website for the next episode of Project Trolvo, coming soon!