Video: Putting the Trolvo’s 1JZ back together!

Scotty finishes the cam upgrade on the Trolvo, this time with no breakages!

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

The last time you saw the Trolvo on Carnage, things had taken a nasty turn.

Scotty was in the middle of bolting the beefier Kelford cams into the Trolvo’s freshly reconditioned head, when the exhaust cam snapped midway through the complex torque-down procedure. It’s a common problem for JZ engines, but it was still a hard pill to swallow.

Luckily, the crew from Goleby’s Parts came through and sent Scotty a brand-new exhaust cam straight away, because we’re on a tight schedule to get this Swedish brick turned around for Haltech’s Birthday Bash at Sydney Dragway on 18 December.

Because we didn’t want a Days of Our Lives-style repeat drama, Scotty enlisted JZ wizard Gerardo from G-Force Race Solutions to oversee the installation of the new stick. Gerardo was the man who refreshed the head for the 1JZ, and generously donated his very valuable time to us to help get the job done.

With Gerardo’s help, Scotty went through the tedious process of carefully torqueing down both cams. Gerardo also checked the clearances of the new exhaust cam to make sure there’d be no tolerance issues with the valves, giving us the a-okay to throw the rest of the car back together.

Scotty threw a new water pump and timing belt kit onto the front of the JZ, as well as a pair of adjustable cam gears and a Ross Performance Parts balancer.

Fitting the chunkier balancer meant Scotty had to massage the front of the Volvo with some Ryobi love, as there was no other way to get it on without removing the engine – and ain’t nobody got time for that. He removed about 15mm of metal, then sealed it up nicely with welded-in steel to make sure no strength was lost from the front of the car.

With the engine back together, the next episode of Carnage promises to be a spicy one. We’ll fire up the 1JZ and hear it for the first time with the bigger Kelford 272/278 lumpers, then head to the dyno for more rpm, more boost and (hopefully) more power!