Trolvo 1JZ-powered Volvo 240 part four – Carnage episode 36

Work on the Carnage Trolvo ramps up, with mixed results


IT’S Trolvo time once again in the Carnage workshop, and as per usual making good progress has been about as easy as herding cats.

Don’t get us wrong, there was some solid work knocked over on this lump of Swedish lead. A decent portion of the Haltech wiring was sorted, the fuel system plumbing got well underway with a new fuel rail from Goleby’s Parts and a Raceworks 040 pump, and a bunch of other niggling jobs got ticked off.

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Then things started to go a bit south. Scotty decided to drop the fuel tank and inspect the pick-up pump and sender to make sure they’d be able to feed our new Raceworks 040, only to find the insides of said tank more closely resembled a 100-year-old shipwreck than a viable place to suck fuel from, with rust and debris galore. To be fair, this shouldn’t have come as too much of a shock. The car is nearly 40 years old, and from what we can tell it had been sitting around for several years before we got our hands on it.

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What did come as a surprise was the random hole that was discovered in the passenger footwell. Somebody had taken it upon themselves to half cut a hole in the sheet metal for reasons unknown to science or common logic, leaving Scotty and me both stunned and incredibly frustrated. It’s as if the people who worked on this car wanted to see the next owners end up in a psych ward before they got it running.

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But never fear! We still plan to persevere with this cult hero from the frozen north. A new fuel tank and sender are already on their way from the US of A, and we seem to have found and booger-welded all man-made holes (for now). No doubt we’ll either have this thing running next episode or dropped off at the local metal recyclers.