Supercharging an LC Torana! – Carnage episode 32

We stick a blower on Broads’s LC Torana in just two days


IT’S new Carnage day, and this time we get stuck into a new project car as we throw a blower on our features editor Andrew Broadley’s LC Torana.

While the car may be new to the show, Broads has owned this green machine since his days as a teenage hooligan. Since then, the car has gone through some fairly extensive makeovers, but sadly has sat unused for the past five years.

We decided it was time for the car to ride again, so Broads sourced a bog-stock injected Holden 5.0-litre V8 and we came up with a plan to throw a shiny new blower on the thing. The killer new Harrop TVS2300 blower kit, specifically designed for the 5.0-litre Holden, fit the bill nicely, and the plan was to drive the car into Meguiar’s MotorEx aspirated and drive out less than two days later with a fully functioning blower. No pressure.

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Uncharacteristically for Carnage, there was actually some forward thinking put into this deal before we started wrenching. Broads cleverly fitted the Torry with a fuel pressure regulator that was actually fit for the job from Turbosmart, along with a much more capable Haltech Platinum Sport ECU. The process of bolting the kit on went relatively smoothly, save for a couple of gremlins with engine sensors and the plumbing for the radiator.

After some stressful moments, everything came together and the car drove out of MotorEx under its own power, with the blower sitting proudly on top. Adam Rogash from MPW Performance & Race Fab worked his magic on the tune, squeezing out over 300rwhp to double the factory power on a completely stock donk.

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The next stage is to hit the track and see what sort of timeslips the Torana’s newfound grunt can produce, which you’ll see soon in a future episode of Carnage.