Broads’s LC Torana hits the track – Carnage episode 33

We put Harrop’s new Holden blower kit through its paces at Sydney Dragway

Photographers: Joseph Hui

LAST episode of Carnage saw us fit Harrop’s brand new Holden V8 TVS 2300 supercharger kit to the stock injected five-litre in my long-suffering LC GTR Torana. To up the degree of difficulty, we did it live in front of thousands of people at MotorEx in Melbourne, and managed to have it up and running with the blower by the end of the weekend.

Holden LC ToranaFrom there, we took the car to MPW, where Adam tuned it to deliver 302rwhp – almost double the typical output of a stock injected five-litre. There’s plenty more grunt to be had by treating the junkyard powerplant to some supporting modifications, but on this episode of Carnage, we head to the track to see what a $500 potato engine can do with Harrop’s sexy blower kit strapped to it.

Holden LC ToranaThe first trip to Sydney Dragway was fraught with frustration. Despite the fact that the car had run beautifully on the dyno and during street testing, it started to play up on us the minute we got to the track. We chased a mystery idling problem the whole night, and although we thrashed to get it sorted, we didn’t manage to get a pass in.

Holden LC ToranaDuring the week, my mate Liam managed to isolate an intermittent fault in the wiring for the TPS, along with a slight vacuum leak in the inlet tract. With the bugs ironed out and a bit of street time under our belts, we made a triumphant return to the track the following week.

Watch the video to see how we went!