Summernats roadtrip in ‘Mr Dodgey’ 1963 Dodge Phoenix – Carnage Plus

We find out that road-tripping a 55-year-old Mopar eight hours in the middle of summer maybe wasn’t the best idea


EACH year the SM crew debates which car we should take on a road trip up to Street Machine Summernats, and this year Scotty decided that our 1963 Dodge Phoenix project car, Mr Dodgey, should lose its ’Nats virginity and make the trek up to Canberra from Melbourne.

Dodge PhoenixIt may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but the 55-plus-year-old Mopar – with no a/c, radio or cruise control – made for hard work on the long road trip.

Dodge PhoenixThis episode of Carnage Plus picks up on the Monday after Summernats, with the crew not even making it out of Canberra before hitting problems. Happily, after a minor exhaust fix the Dodge cruised home in 36-degree heat without any major dramas – not too shabby for a car that was thrown together in 21 days!

Dodge PhoenixCheck out the video for all the road-trip highlights.