Mr Dodgey 440-powered 1963 Dodge Phoenix Part Two

In part two of the epic Carnage Mr. Dodgey '63 Phoenix build, Scott has nine days left to have the car ready for its road trip


IN the last episode of Carnage, we started our 1963 Dodge Phoenix project and, in typical Carnage fashion, Scott had an ambitious plan of getting the car running, roadworthy and registered in 21 days before tackling an 1800km roadtrip to Cobar for the Running on Empty festival.

 Well in this episode of Carnage, there’s under two weeks left until our $1400 Phoenix purchased from Grays Online is due to be on the road to outback New South Wales – and there’s still a lot to do. All of the front suspension needs to go back in, brakes need to be installed, gearbox and tailshaft, fuel system, radiator, wiring and exhaust all before Scotty and co can even think about turning the key.

 With a fast approaching deadline, Scott wasn’t going to get it done on his own without many cans of Coke and the help of SM’s amateur mechanic Iain aka Marv Kelly who came down from Sydney for the final push to the finish line.

 Dodgey fought them every step of the way from ball joints the wrong way ’round to buckled wheels, sump hitting the K-frame, brake callipers not clearing suspension components and the dreaded driver’s side exhaust header. Then the flex plate was wrong, and the converter didn’t fit so the old factory one had to do the job. As anyone who has worked on cars knows – there’s no such thing as an easy job.

 Will they have the car running, driving and registered in time for the trip to Cobar? Find out in the next episode of Carnage, which drops next week!