Rust-Oleum Motospray wagon, Part 3 – Carnage Plus episode 62

In part three of our Valiant wagon project, Scotty gets busy prepping the car for new floors


PART three of our Rust-Oleum Motospray Valiant wagon project sees Scotty doing the final stages of prep to get the bones of the old Mopar ready to receive some much-needed sheet metal.

However, before we could go that far, we decided to have a change of scenery. Due to the uncontrollable circumstances currently sweeping the world, we opted to shift the wagon project to Scotty’s garage in case a mandatory stay-at-home order prevented us from going to the Carnage workshop.

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What that means is that the wealth of workshop gear Scotty is usually spoiled with has been reduced significantly, but we see that as a win for you guys. It forces an even more grassroots approach to the DIY repairs, so you can all get inspired to crack on with your iso projects!

It also means that we’ll be chucking shorter episodes at you more frequently instead of our usual longer feature-style eps, so get ready for heaps more Valiant content.

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In this episode, Scotty repairs the last of the holes both in the body of the old Val and the replacement floors, so we can finally sit the new floorpans at home for good.

Keep an eye out for a new episode in the coming days, and we’re still cracking on with our workshop projects as well, so there’ll be something for everyone!