Turbo Taxi – Carnage episode 22

The Turbo Taxi is back, but can it run 10s?


WE’RE back! The last time you saw Turbo Taxi on Carnage, Scotty had sent it and sent it hard, killing the old donk in spectacular fashion when he threw a rod while running a PB of 11.01.

Since then the Taxi has been hiding out at Maxx Performance, where the guys threw in a minty-fresh FG LPG engine from ACM Parts to replace the old BF LPG mill, along with a 50mm Turbosmart external gate and a screamer pipe. We also treated the 600,000km+ Taxi to some new springs and adjustable shocks from the legends over at Shockworks, so the car not only handles and looks great but it also hooks up really well on the strip and street.

Carnage Turbo TaxiSpeaking of, we planned on hitting the strip in late December to see if Scotty could run that elusive 10-second pass, but even in the middle of summer Melbourne did its thing and all the drag meetings were rained out.

We weren’t going to let that beat us, so Telfo road-tripped the Taxi to Canberra for Street Machine Summernats 32, where the Falcon had a go at the new Skid Row, Go-to-Whoa, participated in the Guinness World Record burnout attempt, and generally just had a mad time cruising around and hanging out with fans.

Carnage Turbo TaxiAfter Summernats it was back down to business, so we hit up Jason from Tunnel Vision to give the tune-up a once-over on the hub dyno. The Taxi pushed out over 400kW at the hubs before we headed back to the drags – where things didn’t quite go to plan.

What happened? Well sit down, grab a coldie and watch the latest episode of Carnage to find out.