Destroying an EA Falcon tailshaft on the dyno – Carnage Plus episode 70

We check out what happens when you push a Ford BTR transmission too hard


MODIFYING cars comes with consequences, and sometimes those consequences are more than just a yellow sticker on your window after getting stopped by the fuzz.

We all love to push standard components hard, trying to find the cheapest ways of going faster. That can mean comical problems like an overheating radiator or ruined pistons rings, but sometimes it can be far more eye-opening.

Zane Heath from Maxx Performance had just such a hiccup recently with his Barra-swapped EA Falcon, well and truly finding the limits of the stock Ford tailshaft. The factory tailshafts are not rated past 180km/h, and they sure as hell weren’t designed for north of 450rwkW.

During some weekend dyno testing, the tailshaft in Zane’s EA let go in spectacular fashion, destroying the rear end of the BTR transmission, which in turn sent the output shaft of the ’box through the floor of the Falcon.

“It was lucky it came through the passenger side of the floor, otherwise I would’ve lost my feet,” said Zane.

The boys from Maxx now plan to put in the C10 ’box from Zane’s EF Falcon that is currently on holidays, along with a much beefier aluminium Lite Series tailshaft from GJ Drivelines.

It just goes to show that sometimes spending the extra dollars is needed, and to always exercise caution when pushing cars and components into the red.