Video: Chasing a seven with our Barra MX-5!

We take our 1000rwhp, Barra-swapped MX-5 for one last ride to see if it can crack into the sevens!


It’s the episode of Carnage you’ve all been waiting for, as the Barra-powered Mazda MX-5 returns to Heathcote Park Raceway for one last shot at getting a seven-second timeslip.

In last week’s episode, the little Mazda got ever-so-close to that goal, running a best of 8.31@169mph. Sadly, our campaign that day was cut short after the radiator holed itself on the balancer, a result of a massive wheelstand earlier in the day.

Because the MX-5 uses a Volvo 240 radiator and we had one spare from the parted-out Trolvo, it only made sense to chuck that in, give the MX-5 a once-over and come back for one last attempt.

Zane Heath from Maxx Performance also lent us a bigger Pulsar turbo, as he suspected the rear housing of the previous unit was choking the Barra in the top end.

With a bigger turbo and another day at Heathcote all to ourselves, hopes were high for a scorching new PB.

So, did we get the elusive seven? You’ll have to direct your peepers to the video below to find out! A massive thanks to everyone who helped us get there, including Zane and the crew from Maxx Performance, Ray Haddad at Russell Oil Pans, Lance and the Heathcote Park Raceway team, Haltech, Dominator Motorsports and our major sponsors, VPW and Hare & Forbes Machinery House. And thanks to Mick from HPR for the mad photos.