Carnage Plus Episode Four – All Race Fabrications, MPW Performance and more

Come behind the scenes as Scotty prepares for the Ford Forums drags


THE annual Ford Forums drags are on this Saturday at Heathcote Park Raceway and the Carnage crew are going to be there in force.

We’ll have the Turbo Taxi there for starters. Herrod Motorsport donated a voltage booster to help cure the car’s ignition woes and this week the boys down at Tunnel Vision Turbocharging wired it in and tuned it up for us on the MPW Performance dyno. The results look very promising. And we got to check out Nathan Borg’s insane HDT VL while we were there.

The other big news is the Toxic Avenger Ford Territory. Formerly a nitrous assisted stocker put on a severe weight loss program, the beast has been treated to a fresh (stock) engine and has been boosted with one of the turbos ratted from our MX5.7. The crew at Maxx Performance worked miracles to make this happen and they’ll be tuning the beast tomorrow before we head to Heathcote. Tuned for E85, it should make some grunt.

But with more horsepower comes the requirement for more safety, so the guys at All Race Fabrications extended the roll cage for us.

We’ll have the full Carnage video on this adventure out late next week, but in the meantime, you can keep up with the cool places Scotty gets to visit in these Carnage Plus episodes. You can check out the previous episodes here:

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