Trolvo 1JZ-powered Volvo 240 part six – Carnage episode 38

It’s dyno time for the Carnage Trolvo! How will the Toyota 1JZ powerplant perform?

Videographers: Matt Reekie

WE’RE back! After a little hiatus to go off and run our Street Machine Drag Challenge event, we’re back in the Carnage workshop and wrenching on the Trolvo. In this episode the Swedish Brick finally hits the dyno, but before that debacle we had to finish off a long list of jobs.

Our new fuel tank finally arrived, giving us a safer solution than a 20L jerry can hiding in the boot. Scotty also finished up the power steering install, basic things like headlights and grill were put back in and we even put an exhaust on the thing thanks to the guys from Maxx Performance.

One of the real treats of this episode comes from Haltech, sorting us out with one of their killer new IC-7 colour dash’s. This meant we saved hours of wiring headaches we would’ve faced trying to get the original Volvo dash to work with the engine swap, and it really adds to the whole ‘lipstick on a pig’ theme the car has going on. Keep an eye out for a more in-depth look at the IC-7 dash in the future.

With all the basics sorted we headed back down to Maxx Performance to see how much stonk we could squeeze out of the factory 1JZ twins, but as usual things didn’t quite go to plan. Make sure you check out the video above to see all the real-world Carnage.