Darren Triffett's blown VH Commodore burnout car is one of the toughest rigs in Tasmania


DARREN Triffett’s VH Commodore ‘INJECTED’ is arguably the meanest skid car in Tasmania. Packing a methanol-snorting 427ci small-block Chev with an 8/71 blower and mechanical injection pumping out around 1000rwhp, it’s a bloody angry car.

It has had its fair share of burnout fires since coming on the scene a couple of years ago too, most notably at the Symmons Plains Raceway burnout pad a few months back, when the flames actually burnt through the shell and into the cabin. By the end of it the fuel cell in the boot was shaped like a football and Darren’s clothes were singed.

 The car actually lives in Victoria, and from there Darren takes it around the country to as many burnout events as he can. Over the Australia Day long weekend he brought the car back to Tassie for Powercruise at Symmons Plains Raceway, where he had a fat time cruising the track, doing powerskids and burnouts.

In the burnout competition INJECTED was the one to look out for, putting on a series of angry skids. And each time it left the pad, the car started a small grass fire – the crowd loved it.

Next up Darren is going to Tassie Nats and then back to the mainland for Ultimate Burnout Challenge in Perth.