Nathan Magri'c QUPNCY HG Holden is a burnout car that has also made the Summernats Top 60


“I STARTED doing burnouts because everyone around my area had skid cars,” says Nathan Magri, who hails from the Hawkesbury region in Sydney’s north-west. “We’d all get together and help each other build cars, and that’s how we formed H8TREAD Racing.

 “Back in the day I had a VL that I did two or three burnout comps in, and I won Top V8 with it one year at Supernats. But it was a street car and no one else in my group of mates had a street car at that time, so I sold it and started building the wagon as a dedicated skid car. I started out with a tunnel-rammed methanol 6.0L in it, and I went to the blown combo about 18 months ago.

 Nathan’s wagon is indicative of the current trend in the skid scene of show-quality cars. “I made the Top 60 at Summernats the first year I took the HG there, and I like keeping it looking nice as well as doing burnouts,” he says. “I love the look on people’s faces when they think it’s just a pretty car, and then you get out there and give it hell!”

 “I’ve had a lot of fun with it, and I like the people you meet when you get out there and go to all the events. But burnouts are a real thrill. You’re shaking at the start, and then you get the adrenaline hit go through your body!”

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Driver: Nathan Magri
Car: QUPNCY, 1970 HG HOLDEN wagon
Engine: 403ci LS, 8/71 Blower Shop blower