Brett Niddrie thought burnout cars were safer than race boats, so he built this IMMORTAL Holden ute. But is it safer? You be the judge!


EVERYONE loves a good burnout fire except the burnout drivers themselves. Brett Niddrie from BNR Engines joined the flaming fraternity last weekend at Lardner Park Motorfest.

Brett is a relative newcomer to the burnout scene, although his engines have powered some of the toughest rides around; like KILLA-B for example. His blown 372ci small block Chev-powered IMMORTAL ute is named after a competitive circuit race boat he used to pilot, but with a bit of prodding from his spouse, Brett’s made the switch over to the burnout brigade. It seemed like the safer choice at the time, but after this massive flame show at Motorfest we’re not sure that’s actually true.

As you can see the crowd loved it, but the poor old ute is certainly singed around the hind quarters. Brett switched over to a shorter set of pipes for his second skid and that seemed to calm things down.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments whether you love to see the burnout fires or just killer burnouts – or maybe a bit of both.