Immortal blown small-block HQ Holden burnout ute – video

Brett Niddrie went from racing boats to doing burnouts in his blown HQ Holden ute


BRETT Niddrie used to race those insane circuit racing boats you often see crashing on disaster TV shows and in viral videos. About 10 years ago he had a bad accident on the water and decided to give the racing a break, instead focusing on building engines for race boats with his business, BNR Engines. Then Steve Nogas came knocking on his door, wanting Brett to build a motor for his KILLA-B Camaro, and from there he got into the burnout scene.

Fast-forward to late last year, and Brett debuted his own burnout ride, the IMMORTAL HQ Holden ute, powered by the same blown small-block as his old boat of the same name. The motor is a 372-cube Chev unit with a 16/71 blower, and it loves to rev, spinning up past 8000rpm and pumping out around 1350hp.

Like a lot of the blokes running tough blown and injected combos, Brett has had some dramas with fires, and the gremlins continued at Lardner Park Motorfest last weekend, where we caught up with Brett to chat about the IMMORTAL ute. Check out the video to see how it went down.