Highlights from the crazy Good Fryday burnout comp at Sydney Dragway

Videographers: Matt Reekie

THE Good Fryday burnout comp at Sydney Dragway was one hell of a show. Public holiday, skids, and a big crowd of car nuts keen for nothing more than to see their favourite cars and drivers smashing tyres with bulk horsepower – sounds like a damn good time to me!

 Members of the burnout brigade came in from all over the country for Good Fryday, with Andrew Lynch trucking a car carrier full of skid rigs up from Melbourne, including Sam Surace’s MADSAM Capri, Rick Fuller’s LSONE, Steve Loader’s UCSMOKE, Scott Yates’s YATESZ and of course his own mental little blue Corolla. Fred Watson (FEAR) came over from WA, while Sydneysiders Mick Brasher (ULEGAL), Phil Kerjean (TUFFST) and Warren Gersekowski (1TUFHG) all came to the party. In total there were just under 100 entrants keen to kick tyres.

 There was carnage out on the pad for a few guys, including Sam Surace and his MADSAM Capri. Before his skid Sam was telling us how reliable his engine combo had been since he debuted the car at Red CentreNATS last year, but unfortunately his luck ran out and she went bang with a big engine fire! Sam is confident he’ll be ready for Powercruise in New Zealand with Lynchy in a few weeks.

Harry Seaman also had a rough time skidding his blown Holden black six-powered VK Commodore. The thing went well and truly rods-out, punching a pretty significant hole in the block!

 On the other end of the spectrum, Lynchy had one hell of a skid! Probably one of the highest speed tip-ins we saw for the day, countless doughies and the signature Lynchy car control that we’ve come to appreciate. Scott Yates in YATESZ also had a killer tip-in, as did Steve Loader in UCSMOKE – bloody hell, the speed and the commitment from the man was unreal; zero cares were given that’s for sure.

 Notable mentions also to Rick Fuller in LSONE; he’s been in excellent form recently, winning a bunch of shows around the country, and Good Fryday was no different. Fred Watson in the FEAR Monaro also put on a hell of a show, but was forced to stop his skid early with an engine bay fire.

In the end the Pro Class saw Scott Yates in third – great effort for an aspirated car, – Rick Fuller in second and of course Steve Loader in first place with UCSMOKE. He took home $5000 cash in prize money – and he earnt it.