Mike and Dave Grotto’s ’66 Mustang fastback was a stand out build at this year's Grand National Roadster Show in America

Videographers: Povi Pullinen

IN A sea of traditionally styled hot rods and customs, Mike and Dave Grotto’s ’66 Mustang fastback was the shark lurking in the deep waiting for its chance to tear you in half. With an 8/71 blown, EFI, 408ci Windsor, big tubs, wheelie bars and massive Mickey Thompsons, there’s a fair bit of Pro Street influence in the build.

 What Mike and Dave also wanted was update the styling with some more modern trends such as the 18in diameter wheels, airbags and full custom interior by Gabe’s Custom Interiors.

 There is also an astounding amount of custom bodywork on the car, ranging from the obvious things like shaved doorhandles and badges and close-fitted bumpers to the radically restyled front sheet metal. he bonnet and grille opening have been merged into one piece as have the front fenders and lower air dam.

 There’s a full custom chassis under the car to handle the 800+ horsepower and big set of Baer brakes to haul it up. The bodywork and paint underneath is just as nice as it is on top so it’s no surprise that the car took home the award for Outstanding Overall Street Machine.