1968 Dodge Charger RT/R At Grand National Roadster Show 2018 – Video

Johan Eriksson’s ’68 Dodge Charger is a Swedish-built life-size Hot Wheels-style Dodge Charger

Videographers: Povi Pullinen

ONE of the wildest machines at the GNRS this year was Johan Eriksson’s ’68 Dodge Charger – a full-size Hot Wheels car if there ever was one. Johan and a host of very talented Swedes have taken this classic US muscle car and stretched, pumped, tweaked and chopped every square inch of the body.

 The rear fenders have been widened 40mm on each side and the front fenders pumped out a touch to fit the C6 Corvette suspension and massive 295 and 405 rubber front and rear. In spite of all the changes, the car still maintains the iconic look of a ’68 Charger – and let’s face it – it’s a pretty tough design to improve upon.

 There’s a twin-turbo Viper V10 under the bonnet sporting a custom-designed and machined billet intake, in fact, there’s truck load of billet on the car. Not the kind of stuff machined in China and sent to you in a shrink-wrapped package, we’re talking about 3000kg of aluminium that was slowly whittled away to produce all of the custom billet pieces on the car.

 Check out the tail-light housings, side marker lights, speaker grilles, even the steering wheel – all designed by Johan and CNC-machined in Sweden, except for the wheels. There wasn’t a machine big enough to carve out the 22×11 and 24×15.5 hoops so he sent the billets to the US to be machined.

 The car debuted at SEMA 2017, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have another gander at this stunning machine.