IF YOU had told me 10 years ago that a car event in Alice Springs could attract a big field of some of the top burnout competitors in the country, I would have been reluctant to believe you. Alice is a cool joint and has a great drag strip, but surely it is just too far away from the major centres for your average competitor to contemplate?

The answer to that is ‘no’, as it turns out! This year’s Red CentreNATS had a total of 182 burnout entries, up on last year’s count of 126 starters.

There were a bunch of heavy-hitters amongst them, including Gary Myers in AGROXA, Steve Nogas’s KILLA-B, Rick Fuller in LSONE, Chris Orchard in BALLISTIC, Dave Cufone in 1FATRAT, James North in the FRYZEM Torana, Fred Watson’s FEAR and Jeremy Bond in FATWH.

Check out the video for all the action from this year’s RCN burnout qualifying.

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