IT WAS only a matter of time until tuners started plonking GM’s belting 6.2-litre blown LSA motor into their street-and-strip monsters. These things hammer in the Gen-F HSV GTS they come packed in from the factory, and with a bit of track optimisation and a smaller, lighter body you’ve got one serious bit of kit.

Steve Thomas’s LSA-powered VK Blue Meanie replica demonstrates what happens when you cram 6.2-litres of mildly hopped-up supercharged V8 into Brock’s finest. Hint: the thing becomes a total rocket sled!

The motor runs a custom Howards cam and springs with a 12psi-boost pulley upgrade, and pushes 556hp through the rear hoops. It all goes to the ground through a Powerglide two-speed transmission with TCE 3500rpm stall converter and 3.5:1 diff gears. And that all equates to a scorching quarter time of 9.58@147mph.

Check out the Full Boost video to see this weapon in action, and look out for Steve’s car on the cover of our upcoming Street Machine LSX Tuner #2 mag – on sale 7 September. 

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  • @Big bret sorry to burst your bubble but Australian engineering has never been world class and or on par the fact a very high powered car can go down a quatre mile and clock a certain time is only part of a Westernised car culture which was roots from the usa other countries aspire to other technicalities and innovate developments from f1, le mans , jgtc , rally etc.. - all brands of racing in which it takes real race pedigree and the best engineering developments holden have never been in that league. And as for poking fun at a R32 GTR you do realise that vehicle is basically a race car it was developed for competition than put on the market its initial concept was to be a international group a race vehicle which means it was to only be raced not road worthy. Not to mention the time it takes to understand how to drive a car like that. Australia doesn't design produce and build vehicles on the scale that japan and Germany and or other countries do we don't develop technology like japan we don't develop tyres like michelin we don't engineer like germans etc..thank goodness your a dying breed now get away from me cause quite frankly........ You stink'
  • @O.o!? Lsa aussie muscle everyday all day goes hard sick of *** rice box sneeze machines . Just admit that your wannabee hsv copy gtr coupe
  • Are you serious?? Trying to Compare a rail car to a street car!? Wtf's wrong with you dude? you needed to pull out the "hurr durr a 2000hp+ 500kg rail car thats not street legal can beat your jdm with 300hp... mate congrats you just made yourself look like a complete tool. All you needed to say was the vk in the video above could beat it thats a bit more of a realistic comparison. Like I care if someone beats it. The car has no intention of being a big hp drag queen how borings that. I think your the one who should go cry. after what you just wrote.
  • @heh yeh watevs mate doesnt matter cause fastest car on the quatre has a v8 its a top fuel railer so whatever you say about your Jdm cars top fuel dragster holds no prisoners .. Line your 6 up against that mate yeh thought so .
  • Pfft What a cliche bogan reply. Keep on thinking that mate. as long as it keeps you happy wateves... btws I own a vk brocky replica with a 383 harrop stroker with supra 5spd putting 550hp a rears I think I know what aussie grunt is like. Yeah goes hard in a straight line and drops skids but its no race car bloke. I also own a pretty stock r32 gtr with 230kw at rears does 11.9 @115mph in the qtr mile. I think thats pretty good for a *** rice that weighs 1500kg on crap tyres and is over 20 years old. lol still quicker than new hsvs. Pfft VL commodores with rb30s running a gt35r turbo with 300kw does 9s on street radials so so much for that lsa crap 5.0lts ftw best holden motor built
  • Yeh whatever my hsv gets off the line quicker than what you drive mate. Sound like keyboard warrior to me mate probaly into japanese makes i bet jealous you cant handle the Grunt of a real car last time i checked hsv make all the cars as close to the v8 supercars therefore its a racecar i just burnt you hard fella now go cry.
  • race pedigree... lol a holden v8 supercar is not based on a commodore chassis. Its basically a tube chassis with a fibreglass body on it. Lol a people who think their hsvs or holden saloons are race cars
  • Mate pure aussie muscle grunt tough as nails go hard or go home like to see a *** go 9's on street tyres whats that kookaburra? None have oh well v8 any day + hsv are awesome can throw kids in back and then some in boot and go 13s! From factory!! What *** crap does that none and has real race pedegree , v8 supercar basically end off.
  • nice family car