Save your sanity with Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE™

There’s no two ways about it - changing your gearbox, differential or automatic transmission fluid can be one of the banes of a DIYer’s existence. Luckily, Nulon’s EZY-SQUEEZE™ is here to make servicing your driveline components easy again.


If you’ve ever copped a face full of gear oil while doing an oil change, tipped over a full pump of fluid, or cussed out the engineer who placed the fill point, you know the struggle we’re talking about. Servicing some parts of your car can seem just about impossible, so while most of us will happily change our engine oil and coolant, those driveline components tend to make us shudder.

Nulon Ezy SqueezeIf you look like Dave here, Nulon’s got a solution for you. In comes EZY-SQUEEZE™, a revolutionary new fluid delivery system for all automatic transmissions, manual gearboxes and differentials. Say goodbye to the pump, the mess, and the wasted oil from all those spills.

Want to see it in action? Check out this video – talk about relatable!

Not only is the packaging an industry first, the filler tube, patent-pending applicator and flexible packaging makes it about a million times easier to reach those tough spots that just don’t seem to be made for human hands!

The product has also been extensively tested in workshops and under controlled conditions, with the product exceeding all expectations and cutting the time it takes to do a fluid change by up to 50%.

nulon ezy squeezeTo complement the new EZY-SQUEEZE™ product range, Nulon has also designed a range of sleek transmission FILLER-TOOL(s) ™ for those vehicles requiring specialised tools to complete a driveline service. The high-quality FILLER-TOOL(s) ™ simply screw into the transmission fill point and when attached to the EZY-SQUEEZE™ filler tube creates a fast drip free application, so you can spend less time de-greasing your garage floor and more time behind the wheel.

filler toolsIf you’re a first time DIYer or haven’t felt comfortable servicing your gearbox or automatic transmission before, Nulon has you covered. In an industry first, Nulon is making DIY easy again by providing FREE instructions and illustrations to service your transmission at On the website you’ll also find a range of DIY videos, plus handy hints and tips for a wide range of vehicles.

To see just how easy it is, check out this DSG how-to from Nulon!

Nulon’s EZY-SQUEEZE™ and FILLER-TOOL™ ranges are now available in all good auto stores Australia wide, so head in store to pick up a pack and get ready for the easiest fluid change of your life!

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