[Advertisement] The Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon belt is the high performance supercharger drive belt that sets new standards in the blower belt market.


With the new Carbon Cord Technology, the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon supercharger belt can deliver up to 100% higher power transmission when compared to other high performance rubber based drive belts in the market.

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The Moresby family / Hot Shots Racing have completed the 2015/16 drag racing season with Optibelt’s DELTA CHAIN Carbon has powered the superchargers of Stuart Moresby driving the Ford Ute #1999 in the Completion Eliminator class and Ryan Moresby driving the Holden Statesman #2478 in the Pro Slammer (Door Slammers) class.

Optibelt offered the team to trial the newly released DELTA CHAIN Carbon 1600-8MDC-75 on both cars in September 2015. From the first drag racing meeting back in October 2015 at the Perth Motorplex the belts have performed beyond expectations. Stuart having an outstanding consistent season in the ute including winning the 45th Western National Gold Christmas tree in his bracket and finishing 2nd in the overall points.

Optibelt -1With its Carbon Cord Technology and patented Red Webbing, the Optibelt looks super cool, offers reduced tooth wear as well as reducedrunning noise when compared to other polyurethane carbon belts.The smooth belt backside is designed to reduce running noise and drive loss when using backside tension idlers.

The Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon drive belt was designed for high torques and stresses while delivering high performance even in extreme use. With high loads and pulley speeds the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon blower belt has proven to be tear-resistant and durable in race conditions.

The particular focus during development was placed on drives with very high torques and stresses, in race condition testing, the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon supercharger belts have proven to last longer and deliver more power and reliability over our competitor’s belts in supercharger based race classes.

If you want cool looks for your show car, nothing compares to the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon drive belt, with its super cool patented Red Webbing and shiny smooth belt backside, your blower equipped engine bay will stand out from the crowd.

Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon Characteristics

  • Carbon Cord Technology – For maximum dimensional stability, ultimate tensile strength and increased horsepower
  • Patented Red Webbing for reduced tooth wear and super cool looks.
  • High temperature resistance – thanks to the use of cast polyurethane – operating temperatures of approx -30°c to +80°c.
  • Unrivalled impact strength – due to a combination of hard polyurethane and hard-wearing carbon fibres.
  • Optimised tooth shape – for smooth tooth meshing and uniform distribution of force.
  • High level of reliability – Ability to operate under continuous levels of high torque and rapid acceleration.
  • Outstanding under exceptionally tough conditions – tear-resistant and durable
  • Newly-developed specialist Red Webbing for minimal wear and reducedrunning noise.
  • Smooth belt backside to reduce running noise whenusing backside tension idlers.
  • The innovative combination of materials with an extremely resistant polyurethanecompound, an abrasion-resistant and specially treated polyamide fabric, as wellas the carbon fibre cord, make the Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon resistant to awide range of chemicals, oils and fluids.




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