Five-second Chevy S10 pick-up is the world's quickest streeter


LARRY Larson is one heck of a drag racer. He has five Unlimited class wins to his name at Hot Rod Drag Week and last year built what is the quickest street car in the world a twin turbo, 3000hp 620ci monster Chev S10.

It is the first and so far only street car to have run into the five-second bracket, namely a 5.95 at 244mph. Now Larson has added an outright win in the Rocky Mountain Race Week to his list of achievements. The Rocky Mountain event is similar in concept to Drag Week, with 1200 miles of driving through three different states and racing at four tracks over five days. It is a gruelling event, as youll see in the video.

Larson put a heap of thought into building a car that could be converted quickly between race and street spec. For example, the Proline-built engine has two fuel systems, one that runs on pump fuel and another for methanol. Behind the TH400 auto is a Gear Vendors overdrive for highway cruising. Larson uses a transmission cooler on the street, which is removed and bypassed at the track, as are the radiator and the exhaust. Body-wise, the steel doors are swapped for carbon-fibre units on race day. It is the ultimate transformer!