Video: Sending our 1UZ Lexcen to the moon!

In this episode of Carnage, the 1UZ turbo V8 Lexcen goes big on the Maxx Performance dyno


We’ve been riding the highs and lows of our super cool 1UZ-swapped Lexcen sleeper of late, and this episode continues that roller coaster.

Just two episodes ago the thing astounded us with a ripper PB of 10.68@133mph, and on street tyres! Unfortunately, not long after that Scotty was suspect on a potentially hurt engine, so in last week’s episode he got to work diagnosing that.

Long story short he did find some minor problems, but nothing that requires the thing to be pulled apart right now. As such, it seems more than appropriate that we prepare it to go even faster, so that’s what this episode is all about.

The first major job was sorting race rubber. Scotty found once he got to the track during the racing episode, that the 235s we had didn’t fit under the factory guards; so he was forced to run on street tyres.

To remedy that for the next attempt, he grabbed out the death wheel and clearanced the guard lips. It’s still a tight squeeze, but it looks like there should be just enough room in there for a few passes down the strip.

With that sorted, the Lexcen headed to Maxx Performance for a session on the dyno. We know it pumped out 700hp to the hubs at Summernats, but we wanted to see what it was capable of on a full fat 26psi.

Also for science, Zane ran the Lexcen up on the base 16psi pressure it ran its 10.6 PB on. As it turns out that makes it good for 515rwhp, and by the time Zane was done that figure jumped to 667rwhp on 26psi.

Next for the Lexcen is to head back to the track and see what number it can run with proper rubber. What’s your guess? In the meantime, enjoy the latest episode below: