Video: Did we break the Lexcen by running a 10?

In this episode of Carnage, we find out if we hurt the mighty 1UZ V8 Lexcen while chasing a 10-second timeslip

Videographers: Matt Hull

As we always say, when it comes to the particular brand of vehicular mayhem that occurs on our YouTube show Carnage, it’s all in the name. Certainly, ‘carnage’ is an apt term for what our 700rwhp, 1UZ-powered Lexcen wagon recently threw our way.

In last week’s episode, Scotty took the Lexcen to Heathcote Park Raceway in pursuit of a 10-second PB. Even on low boost, he got that on the first pass, with a scorching 10.68@133mph timeslip. 

It was an awesome moment, especially given the car was only on street tyres. However, that was one of only two passes the car made that day. A boost control problem caused a few issues after the first run, and Scotty noticed the engine breathing a bit more than usual after a second representative pass.

Given the car had to drive home, Scotty called it there to preserve the 1UZ. It made it several hundred kilometres back to the Carnage workshop, which is where this episode picks up, as Scotty investigates what may have gone wrong.

Scotty performs a leakdown and compression test, and also borrows a borescope camera from the legends at Maxx Performance to see what’s what.

So, did we break the poor Lexcen? Watch the episode to find out!