Street Machine November 2022 on sale now

Get it while it’s hot!


Where the hell has this year gone? We’re not complaining, though. Summer is fast-approaching, which means events like Drag Challenge are warming up and epic feature cars are coming out to play. So let’s jump into the November edition of Street Machine!

Straight from the NT is Paul Tinning’s incredible XP coupe, packing a Viper-spec V10 and twin snails, all topped off with a six-cog manual! The immaculately finished beast came down south to snap necks at MotorEx 2022, and took home the Laurie Starling Engineering Excellence award.

Next up is the triumphant return of the famed ‘The Grot’ Monaro gasser, thanks to a painstaking restoration by Dean Prodger. It’s a car jam-packed with history, and still looks cool as hell!

On the same note, Shane D’Amato’s TBS-blown VS ute is almost too damn nice to throw around the pad. That doesn’t stop him from giving it the berries, though.

Mopar purists may hate the idea of the turbo LS sitting in the bay of Keith Fabian’s neat-as-a-pin VF Regal, but it’s pretty hard to argue with 1100hp on tap.

Jason Mant hit us for six when he sprung this gorgeous Whipple-blown Nova on our inbox. Doused in red with a sweet stance and finish, it’s got brawn for days.

Ryan Finlay’s force-fed, 770hp Muzzy coupe is a proper toughie, with a sweet Windsor and three pedals to boot.

The Ford love continues with Deerk van der Kooi’s XE ESP, blending 80s luxury steeze with an angry Clevo powertrain. Not a bad combo at all!

Stock-looking AU wagons are pretty unassuming machines, so we loved seeing the Gawler Mechanical boys rock up to Drag Challenge Weekend 2022 in this turbo LS-swapped gem. It’s proper budget sleeper goodness all ’round.

The first-ever Milwaukee Young Street Machine of the Year is run and done, and if we say so ourselves, it’s been a roaring success. We chat with winner Max Edwards about his killer self-built Crown Majesta.

With Aussie borders open everywhere, Red CentreNATS was once again a proper national drawcard. We’ve got heaps of event coverage from the epic Alice Springs gig.

Those of us back in Melbourne soaked up some early-spring sun at the 2022 Showcars Melbourne Father’s Day Car & Bike Show, which saw hundreds of stunning cars take over the St Kilda streets for an awesome, family-friendly day.

There’s also another handy yarn full of easy shed tips, some banger readers’ rides and projects, and even a look behind the scenes of the Discovery Channel’s No Prep Kings show with Arby!

And to top it all off, enjoy a stonking 6/71-blown 355 Holden dressed to the eyeballs in gorgeous kit.