Street Machine November 2021 issue on sale now

A new issue already? You bet!


Believe it or not, it’s already time for our November issue. As always, it’s packed to the brim with a heap of cool stuff – including a killer Torana dominating the cover.

Ricci Camilleri first built the LX as a tidy yellow streeter, but he wanted more. Now running a blown and injected 383-cube iron lion and die-straight panels, the sedan is a serious toughie.

Geelong brothers Luke and Todd Foley each have a huge-power VH streeter to their name. In this double-headed feature, we find out what lies beneath the surface.

Longtime Capri lover Daniel Hookham wedged a 900hp, 98-sipping small-block into this tough Pommy Ford. Packing 275 rear meats and all the race fruit, it’s destined for the eight-second bracket.

There’s more Blue Oval action with Jeff and Maureen Saverin’s Coyote-powered F100. Screwed together by the always-impressive Pat’s Pro Restos, this Rockynats finalist is a tribute to its late original owner. What better way to honour the life of a great mate?

The Effy love doesn’t stop there. Check out Curtis Grima’s stunning ’62 F100, featuring oodles of pinstriping and candy goodness.

We’ve also got this sweet Drag Challenge VN SS, kicking it old-school with a carbed, stroker Holden V8. There’s nothing antiquated about its capabilities, though; it boasts a 9000rpm redline!

This one isn’t your average EH. Glenn Swift transformed his stocker into a 400-horse beast, courtesy of a thumping 6.0-litre donk. Don’t worry, purists – the NASCO gear stayed.

Rob Evans’s chop-top VJ may be a blast from the past, but it’s just as tough now as it was 30 years ago.

As far as event coverage goes, we’re bringing you rundowns from Red CentreNATS and the HQ Holden Run. We also get down and dirty on the Queensland/NSW border for the 6th Cottonvale Digout.

This month’s Expression Session features a real-deal work-in-progress. If Ben Doble’s pro touring ’70 Barracuda comes out even half as nice as Aidan’s renderings, we’re in for a real treat.

Of course, all the usual goodies are inside, including your rides and projects, tech stories, and a tough Mopar donk fresh from the Carnage skunkworks!