The November 2017 issue of Street Machine is on sale now with John Saad's XY Falcon on the cover!


THE November 2017 issue of Street Machine is out now! We can barely believe we’re at the tail-end of the year already, but time flies when you’re having fun building crazy stuff like our twin-turbo LS1 MX5.7 project and getting the Turbo Taxi ready for Drag Challenge in a few weeks.

 On the cover of this issue is John Saad’s stunning FAT XY Falcon. Unveiled at MotorEx earlier this year, the black-and-gold beauty combines elite-level build quality with a mammoth engine – we’re talking a towering Sonny’s Racing Engines 673ci big-block that makes 1354hp on pump fuel! You might remember John as the Summernats 29 Grand Champion with FATRX3. That Mazda RX-3 was his idea of a show car; this incredible XY is his street car!

 Dale Jeffrey’s SL/R 5000 Torana may look like a period-correct resto job on the outside, but underneath it’s an entirely different beast. With a 700hp 440ci LSX donk under the bonnet, it’s got enough grunt to give even new road racers a run for their money.

 In this issue we head to Alice Springs for Red CentreNATS, only this time we’re not just spectating – we built a car just for the event. If you haven’t heard, as part of our Carnage video series we built a Mazda MX-5 with an LS1 V8 and twin turbos hanging out the bonnet – and they let us cruise it on the street! You can read about this, the drags, burnouts and show cars all in the mag.

 When it comes to elite-level Falcon hardtop builds, Jim Ayoubi’s XC is one of the tidiest going around. With an insanely nice custom interior, dead-smooth bodywork and a blown 408ci Cleveland up front, this thing is the bee’s knees.

 Braeden Kendrick’s Brocky Blue Meanie VK Commodore replica is something a bit out of the ordinary; it’s a rally car! Braeden started out drifting on circuits with a Nissan Silvia and then made the switch over to rally driving in the 304 Holden-powered Commy!

 With Holden finishing up local vehicle manufacturing this week, we’ve paid tribute with a comprehensive A-to-Z trawl through the brand’s rich history, taking in the good cars, the bad and the absolutely disgusting.

 You’ll also find Stoney’s slammed turbo LS-powered Camaro, Arby’s POR440 Valiant road trip across America to Hot Rod Drag Week, a tough Valiant VIP, a Barra turbo six swap into a VS Commodore ute, plus loads more coolness!