POR440 Valiant across the USA – update six

Mark Arblaster and the POR440 Valiant hit Route 66 on their US road-trip


FOR the past few days, we’ve been following Street Machine columnist Mark Arblaster as he road-trips the USA in his turbo LS1-powered VG Valiant, POR440. He’s been travelling from LA to Illinois to take part in Hot Rod Drag Week.

After making it to Kingman, Arizona, it was time to hit Route 66. Instead of going along the interstates the whole way, Mark, his good mate Steve Reimann and photographer Luke Nieuwhof have been trying to deviate where possible to experience the old Route 66 road, which is primarily a tourist drive now.

Straight out of Kingman the boys took Route 66 out to Hackberry General Store, a fun tribute to the Mother Road. There was plenty of old metal out back, and lots of tacky memorabilia within – which could be said about many Route 66 stops!

POR440 continues to attract plenty of attention wherever it goes, especially as it is period-correct for this kind of drive. It may also be something to do with the now open side-exit exhaust, which is helping to reduce the heat in the passenger seat.

Seligman was the next stop, with many colourful motels and old gas stations, but with the need to eat up miles pressing, it was onwards quickly once more to Williams for lunch and then a push through to Gallup, New Mexico for the evening.

With sunset approaching, the team returned to old Route 66 to look for a good photo location, and found it at the end of a short dirt road up a hill to get a view of the New Mexico mesas behind.

So not nearly as much drama on this leg of the trip, but that is a good thing! Next it’s all about about chewing yet more miles to get to Mo-Kan Dragway in Missouri for the Labor Day Weekend Classic.

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