Street Machine: March 2020

The March issue of Street Machine is on sale now!


GOOD news – the March issue of Street Machine hits the newsstands today, so bust a move on down to the newsagent and pick yourself up a copy!

We’ve got some top-shelf feature cars for you this month, starting with Jack and Heath Madgwick’s astonishingly beautiful EH Holden sedan. We fell deeply and profoundly in love with the car the instant we clapped our peepers on it at Street Machine Summernats 33, and if you don’t mind our saying so, we reckon it just might be the best example of the model ever built. Take a look and see if you agree.

Then there’s Kevin Mantach’s ’50 Chev – one of the wildest purpose-built skid cars you’ve ever seen, wonderfully engineered, perfectly finished and packed with innovative race car smarts. It’s a real case of the more you look, the more you see. Oh, and it has a meth-slurping, blown and injected Dart-blocked Chev, too.

We send intrepid young reporter Jack Houlihan across the ditch to New Zealand’s Muscle Car Madness, where he samples a heapin’ helpin’ of Kiwi hospitality, meets some real characters and checks out some truly wild machines. A 16/71-blown V12 Model A, anyone?

Mat Bone’s HK is a family cruiser taken to the next level; exquisitely presented and powered by a staunch blown EFI small-block. It is resplendent in Silver Mink with a red bench-seat interior, and sits just perfectly.

Justin Gauci wheels a 60s muscle car too, but his is of the Blue Oval persuasion. He toiled away on this XR GT tribute for nine long years, then drove it, decided it was too slow, and yanked it back off the road to equip it with a big old GTX45 freedom whistle. Problem solved.

We also dive deeper into the demise of the Holden Commodore, further investigating the legacy of the nameplate through the eyes of those who worked at Holden.

Brendyn Wardell is one determined fella. Having had high-end street machines stolen and written off through no fault of his own, he has bounced back with his baddest creation yet: a Walky replica packing a blown 421-cube LQ9 with his well-established build formula applied.

If crazy customs are your bag, how’s this Lucky’s Speed Shop-built ’72 Riviera, built with an impressive measure of creative flair and powered by a 464ci Buick fat-block.

Tech-wise, Dr Tim gives you the lowdown on torsion and beaming testing on modified cars, and Chad Atkinson talks you through building a custom flat firewall for your street machine in part one of a custom engine bay fab feature.

You’ll find all this beaut stuff and so much more in the March issue of Street Machine – on sale now!

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