Street Machine March 2022 on sale now

A smooth, smooth blend of feature car stunners and cracking event coverage


That’s right, the newest issue of Street Machine is out today!

There’s no missing this month’s mag on the shelves thanks to Michelle White’s ProFlo-built Mystic Magenta HZ. It’s the culmination of four decades of automotive passion for Michelle, topped off by a Street Machine Summernats 34 unveil and Top 60 finish.

Josh Tuskin is finally pushing sevens with his super-tough XW Falcon, all thanks to a stonking destroked Barra powerplant. He’s broken virtually every part of the car in the process, having owned (and thrashed) it since he was just 16.

Prefer your Aussie donks breathing naturally? Check out this citrus-tinged LX! Owner Paul Camilleri set out to keep lots of Torana flavour, and we reckon he nailed it.

Luke Josling’s sweet little XM sedan is more than the tidy cruiser he originally envisioned. There’s a strong Windsor tucked deep in the engine bay and plenty of other goodies. Luke faced a few dramas during the build, but the final product was well worth it.

Todd Blazely’s VN SS offers some plastic-bumper goodness in an immaculate package. An LSA donk offers plenty of go, with a stunning finish inside and out to match.

One of the coolest additions to the first-ever Drag Challenge Weekend Victoria is Joe Ordon’s 2400rwhp, short-wheelbase GQ Patrol. It’s not every day you see one of these flying down the quarter-mile, especially under TB48 power. Oh, and did we mention there’s a shot of nitrous in reserve?

We’ve also got a killer VC Valiant streeter, an early Mustang packing a Dart Windsor combo, and even a ridiculous 1100hp Bedford van sleeper.

With a ripper Summernats 34 still fresh in our minds, Telfo finds out what makes event co-owner Andy Lopez tick. Ever wondered what it’s like to do your first-ever burnout in front of countless punters on Skid Row? Find out here!

After missing out on heaps of action over the last two years, our mates out west were treated to a well-earned party at Motorvation 36. And between heaps of burnouts, practical driving events, and some incredible unveils, party they did.

Rocky Mountain Race Week also went off, offering drag-and-drive battlers little respite off the back of Drag Week. Heaps of seven-second cars turned out for the 2021 event, slogging it out over five days between Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas.

On the tech side, Liam Quirk takes a look at the wondrous world of vinyl wrapping as a means to transform your car without a drop of paint spilt. For this yarn, Jake Myers gives fellow burnout champ Phil Kerjean’s VK wagon the full treatment.

Don’t forget, there’s a raft of other ripper segments, including a killer Iron Maiden and Young Gun, your own rides and builds, and a look at a stonking big-cube Clevo from sleepy Geelong. Get on it!