Street Machine Legends Volume Two

The second instalment of Street Machine Legends is on sale now!


Our 40th-anniversary in 2021 was a cracker, and what better way to round it out than with a killer, 144-page hard-cover opus? Street Machine Legends Volume One hit the shelves in 2019 and covered the most influential cars to be featured in the mag over its first 20 years. So naturally, Volume Two aims to showcase the most iconic rides featured since 2001.

Trying to nail down a list of just 64 cars from all of those published in the mag over two decades was a hell of a job. When you cover off the most successful Elite builds, Street Machine of the Year winners, Summernats Grand Champions, super-fast street cars, burnout legends, wild customs, Tuff Streeters and a panel van, you quickly find yourself with a very long shortlist.

You’ll no doubt have a favourite car that didn’t make the cut, but rest assured, we agonised over every last one! They may, however, end up in one of the future books we’re planning.

For starters, we’re going to showcase the best rods and customs in their own tome. We’ve included both Mario Colalillo’s WILDCAD and Paul McKennariey’s Hudson in this one because we thought it was important to show that Aussies can build wild customs up there with the best in the world.

There are also plans for a broader book on the history of Australian street machining, and I reckon the Street Machine Summernats also deserves its own cockroach-killer – maybe in time for Summernats 35? For now, sit back and enjoy the incredible ride the Aussie street machine scene has taken us on over the past 20 years.