Street Machine Legends Volume One available now!

STREET Machine magazine has a long and storied history, chronicling the vibrant Australian modified car scene for the better part of four decades


With a vast archive of historic images and information at our disposal detailing the most influential Aussie builds ever, we thought it was high time we compiled them into a book.

Street Machine Legends Volume One is the result – a glossy, 144-page hard-cover book containing beautifully rich imagery of 62 of the most iconic cars of our time.

xp falconFocussing on the first 20 years of Street Machine’s history (1981-2001), the carefully curated mix of cars will take you down memory lane with the tyres blazing. The Monaros of Mick Curren, Wayne Pagel and Al ‘Bundy’ Lucas. The Toranas of Howard Bell, Ivan Hans and Phil Rillotta. Creations from the likes of Owen Webb, Rob Beauchamp, Gary Myers, Howard Astill, Ed Brodie and Ron Barclay, to name but a few.

Blobak uteEdited by Telfo, the book was lovingly assembled by our passionate team of SM journos, who thoroughly researched every car, including the where-are-they-now angle where possible. Pleasingly, some of the cars in the book remain as time capsules in the hands of their original owners, while others have been re-imagined and rebuilt as ever-evolving pieces of history.

Rat Attack HQThe photography in the book is mind-blowing, with some never-before-seen images from the archives and some stone-cold classics by the likes of Peter Bateman, Warwick Kent and Gartside. What those guys achieved in the early days – quite often with limited time – blows our minds.

Trust us, your coffee table is naked without this stunningly designed tome! Get yours HERE!