New street machine gear: ProPort blow-off valve, Ryobi tool bag, radiator upgrade kit + more

We check out some new gear on the market for your street machine


1. Turbosmart ProPort blow-off valve

TURBOSMART is always innovating new, industry-leading ways to control boost, and its brand-new ProPort blow-off valve is another game-changer. The ProPort is a 54mm unit that can flow a whopping 420cfm and 3500hp all on its own, which equates to 25 per cent better efficiency than a conventional 50mm RacePort. It uses a milspec diaphragm and Turbosmart’s boost-balance system, which is fancy talk for ‘the more boost you feed it, the better it’ll seal’! The ProPort also uses quick release V-bands and has two 1/8 NPT fitting ports that can be rotated for any application. You can find out more by scanning the QR code or heading to

2. Ryobi tool bag

WE LOVE all our Ryobi 18V ONE+ power tools, and we especially love taking them on trips to the race track and junkyard. The easiest way to cart them around is with this new Ryobi medium hard-base tool bag. The hard base combined with heavy-duty polyester means you can throw it around without worrying about it getting damaged, and with 17 pockets (eight inside, nine outside), there’s plenty of room for all your other hand tools, zip ties, rags and anything else you need in a portable tool kit. It also features a proper carry handle and a wide-open mouth, so it’s a cinch to carry around and use. You can find out more at

3. Universal Proflow alternator

UPPING the horsepower in your machine usually means more computers, switches, buttons and wiring to support beefier fuel and voltage systems. However, those systems are useless if your standard alternator can’t keep up, which is where this universal Proflow alternator comes in. The unit uses a beautiful black anodised billet housing, with 170A charging on tap and the ability to use either six-rib or older-style V-belt pulleys, and also a Holden conversion spacer kit. The alternator also features a self-exciting regulator that will automatically cut in for charging at low revs, so you’ll never be stuck for current. You can find out more by calling VPW Australia on 1300 879 879 or visiting

4. Electronic drive-by-wire accelerator

ELECTRONIC drive-by-wire accelerators are an awesome way to modernise your hot rod for both ease of use and horsepower. However, retrofitting a modern drive-by-wire throttle pedal can be a bit tricky in our older machines, so this bolt-on bracket system from AVS Motorsports takes that headache away. The bracket suits the GM 10379038 pedal and 1955-56 Chevy, 1968-72 Nova and Ventura, and 1967-81 Camaro and Firebird chassis. You can order one now from Summit Racing on 1800 230 3030 or by visiting

5. Blueprint ignition system

SOMETIMES you just can’t beat the old ways, and when it comes to ignition, there’s still nothing wrong with a good old dizzy. If you’re after one for your 350 Chev, then Blueprint is the way to go. They’re hand-built in Australia with the benefit of over 65 years of knowledge behind them. Each distributor is built to suit your engine, with curves and calibrations made to order and a 12-month warranty to boot. You can find out more by calling Performance Ignition Services on (03) 9872 3644 or visiting

6. XA-XB Falcon tail-light loom

THERE’S nothing worse than crusty old wiring – it’s a pain to work with and can turn a simple project into an absolute nightmare. We’ve got good news for those of you restoring XA-XB Falcons, though, as Rare Spares now offers a brand new tail-light loom to suit both XA and XB sedans and coupes. The harness is a direct plug-and-play replacement for the original, near-50-year-old wiring, so there’s no need to break out the soldering iron. You can find out more at

7. HK-HZ radiator upgrade kit

IF YOU’RE wanting to spend this summer cruising your 308-powered Lion without running hot under the collar, then a radiator upgrade is a must. Norm and the legends at Aussie Desert Cooler offer this perfect radiator upgrade kit to suit HK-HZ Holdens using good ol’ 308 power. The radiators are specced to order and made from 100 per cent aluminium. You can opt for the upgraded, top-of-the-range Raptor core, as well as the triple-flow system if you need something really beefy, and the twin 14in thermo fans can be had in a black or chrome finish to match the radiator. To find out more, give Norm a call on 0425 700 954 or visit