New street machine gear: Engine flush additive + thread repair tool + air compressor + more

We check out some new gear on the market: Valvoline engine flush additive + Drag Challenge t-shirt + gear shifters + more



INSUFFICIENT oil flow is a sure-fire way to kill any powerplant at a rate of knots. Valvoline has developed an easy, non-solvent-based Engine Flush additive designed to eliminate the residual sludge and sediment that lurks within your motor.

These contaminants are dissolved and removed when your oil is drained, ensuring your next oil change leaves you with a squeaky-clean donk. It also helps to free sticky valves and lifters, as well as reduce nasty blow-by. Check it out at


ANYBODY who has pulled apart a car (or virtually anything else) knows how irritating stuck or stripped fasteners can be, especially when you don’t have a replacement on hand. Traditional tap and die kits can be useful to fix bolt threads, but specifics like diameter, direction and pitch can cause headaches. To avoid these dramas, Summit Racing offers the Nes Thread Repair Tool range. They’ll clean, chase and repair mangled threads both external and internal. Simply insert the tool, twist the knob to suit the bolt’s diameter and spin away! They’re made from hardened metal, with easily replaceable blades.

Find out more at


AS THE ever-loved XA Falcon approaches half a century on our roads, NOS replacement parts are all but nonexistent. Whether you’re saving a rear-ended XA, XB or XC sedan or simply doing away with rusted-out panels, this lower tail-light section from Rare Spares will do the trick.

You’ll find it, along with a multitude of other handy parts, at


AN ESSENTIAL part of any garage or workshop, a good air compressor has many uses. However, most are let down by their requirement for constant mains power. Ryobi’s new ONE+ 3.8L Air Compressor uses the smart 18V battery system to offer a totally portable air supply. With an adjustable pressure regulator and hardy metal frame, it’s capable of inflating 11 tyres at a rate of 49.5L/min on a single 5Ah battery. Need more air? Just slot in another battery!

Check it out at


STREET machining has always been about pulling donks out and putting bigger ones in, and the HAFCO HC-1T Hydraulic Engine Crane makes lifting a motor as easy as possible. Featuring a double-acting pump and eight-tonne, long-stroke lifting arm, it’s capable of safely hoisting 1000kg of engine. The jib can be set to a capacity of 250kg, 500kg or 750kg too, all through a single pin. The HC-1T will rise to 2300mm, offering plenty of engine bay clearance during a transplant.

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ROCKET Industries stocks a huge range of Bang Shift gear shifters, which have a right-hand illuminated shift display to suit two, three and four-speed transmissions. Four different versions can be had in black or brushed aluminium. The Bullet, Nitro and Pistol shifters are full-ratchet shifters with a positive ratchet design that self-centres the handle in the middle of the shifter, and allows maximum clearance for tight-fitting consoles. The Attack shifter is a gated shifter that features reverse lockout. All shifters include two micro-switches for reverse lights and a neutral safety switch. A range of billet gear knobs and handles with buttons can be added as well. Each shifter kit includes a five-foot-long race shifter cable and all the necessary hardware.

To get them, call Rocket Industries on (02) 8825 1900 or visit


BORDER troubles meant that not everybody could make it to Drag Challenge Weekend 2020, but now you can grab your own slice of the glory with the official merch! The new gear features Terry Seng’s weapons-grade, seven-second VC Commodore, outright winner of DCW 2019. As usual, we’ve got the iconic black T-shirt and hoodie combo on offer, plus stubby coolers and caps. Once these are gone, they’re gone – so get in quick!

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