New street machine gear: Haltech Nexus R5 + LS series engine mounts + valve springs + more

We check out some new gear on the market: Haltech Nexus R5, LS engine mounts, CNC-machined billet sunglasses + more


1. Haltech Nexus R5

HALTECH’S new Nexus R5 combines the functionality of a power distribution module, a datalogger, a dual-channel wideband controller and a state-of-the-art engine management system in one powerful device that Haltech is calling a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit). It can control your engine and run a bunch of body control stuff such as lights, thermo fans and fuel pumps, without the need for fuses and relays – all in one box! All features and functions are fully programmable with one single piece of software called NSP (Nexus Software Programmer), which makes setting everything up a cinch. You can find out more at

2. Tuff Mounts engine mounts for LS series

KEEPING your limiter-loving LS Juan from jumping out of your engine bay is important, so the guys at Tuff Mounts have developed these Aussie-made CNC billet engine mounts as a direct replacement for OEM VT-VZ LS mounts. They’ve been designed with a larger bush to help reduce NVH transfer for the more mild cars, so they’re ideal for street cars. They’re super-easy to install, with left/right markings to make them idiot-proof. You can get yours at or via the Tuff Mounts dealer network Australia-wide.

3. CNC-machined billet sunglasses

BILLET aluminium has gone gangbusters in the car world for good reason: It’s tough, precise, lightweight and offers perfect fit and finish. Now, Grix Sunglasses has incorporated these attributes into the first-ever range of true CNC-machined billet sunglasses, carved from 6061T aircraft grade-aluminium. A variety of automotive-inspired designs are available, including the V8 range, based on the iconic badges that began to appear on cars in the 30s. Lenses are optically corrected, high-impact polycarbonate units, with several tints and colours available. Numbers are limited, so get in quick before Christmas. You can find the full range at

4. LS valve springs

VALVE springs are an essential part of any LS cam upgrade, and Summit Racing has you covered with its LS6-style springs. These beehive-style single springs are made for 2001-09 5.7L or 6.0L GM LS mills as a drop-in replacement for the factory springs, and can handle cams making up to .550in of valve lift. They’re also a good choice for Gen 1 small-block Chevs with Vortec heads – just add a set of +.050in retainers or locks and you’re good to go. You can find out more at

5. Early Commodore console switch

WITH the electrical systems of early Commodores now pushing 40 years old, disintegrating wires and switches are a pressing issue. Thankfully, Rare Spares has come to the fore with a new-production console power window switch. Whether you’re restoring a specced-up car or modernising a humble Executive, this is the one for you. Check them out at

6. Mark Skaife book

MARK Skaife will go down in history as one of the greatest Australian racing drivers of all time, and now a killer book has been released about Holden’s great man. Mark Skaife: The Complete Illustrated Autobiography chronicles the tales of Skaifey, using unseen photos from Mark’s personal collection and the stories (good and bad) from those who know him best, including Neil Crompton, Glenn Seton, Jim Richards, Craig Lowndes, Fred Gibson and a host more, giving a unique insight into a commonly misunderstood overachiever. The 280-page hardcover book is out now and can be found at most good book shops.

7. Valvoline air conditioner odour eliminator

THE boffins at Valvoline know you’d rather be breathing the sweet aromas of E85 and burning rubber than rotten a/c air, so they’ve developed a handy air conditioner odour eliminator. It’s designed to remove lingering moisture and stench-inducing bacteria from your car’s a/c system, maintaining air purity. When used in conjunction with a healthy cabin filter, it also helps prevent allergic reactions. Available in a single-use canister, it’s tinged with a temporary spearmint fragrance. Fresh! Find out more at