New street machine gear: Mini impact driver + ignition tester + aluminium rocker covers

New street machine gear: Mini impact driver + ignition tester + aluminium rocker covers


New test some street machine gear on the market…

1. Mini Impact Driver

Just the thing for nipping up fiddly nuts and bolts on your car, this 12V, quarter-inch hex drive Mini Impact Driver is a handy bit of kit. Featuring a variable speed trigger, the powerful motor can spin at 2200rpm and apply 90Nm of torque. The soft ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold, and it comes complete with a 2.0Ah battery and charger, or can be purchased as a skin only. For more information, head to

2. MSD’s Ignition Tester

As engine technology evolves, so do ignition systems and the tools required to test them. MSD’s ignition tester now has the ability to test not only traditional single-coil ignition systems, but also coil-per-cylinder applications. The 89981 tester even gives you the ability to create an rpm run and let the tester run through the rpm range. This allows you to see the ignition activate any accessories you may be running, such as shifters, nitrous solenoids and more. Contact Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566 or at [email protected] for more information.

3. Crayon to CAD: A History of Post-War Automotive Design in Australia

Written by Paul Beranger, an Australian automotive designer, planner and marketer with over 45 years’ industry experience, Crayon to CAD: A History of Post-War Automotive Design in Australia, is a unique book about cars and people, places and technologies. While this 336- page coffee table book focuses on Australian mass-volume manufacturers – Ford, Holden, Chrysler/Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan and BMC/Leyland – it also showcases low-volume niche manufacturers such as Bolwell, Giocattolo and Buckle. For more information regarding ordering your copy of Crayon to CAD, visit

4. Valvoline’s Engine Armour

Valvoline’s Engine Armour now comes in a wider range of lubricants to cater for classic and modern vehicles. Formulated with Synthetic Technology, the range includes products to protect petrol and diesel vehicles. The semisynthetic formulations include resource-conserving oils that meet the latest fuel efficiency requirements, and come in a variety of sizes including one-litre top-up packs. Available from Repco, Auto One, Autobarn and all good auto retail stores. For more info, head to

5. Aluminium Rocker Covers

Edelbrock first made aluminium rocker covers in the late 50s, and they’re still a classic today. Made of heavy-gauge sand-cast aluminium, these classic finned valve covers are available in either a classic polished aluminium or durable black powdercoated finish. Edelbrock classic valve covers are the perfect finishing touch to your period-inspired engine bay, and can be machined to accept breathers if desired. For more information, contact Eagle Auto Parts on (03) 8710 3000, or visit

6. Muscle Car Parts & Panels

How truly beaut it is that aftermarket parts and panels are becoming increasingly available for so many of our favourite Aussie muscle cars. New from Muscle Car Parts Australia are these reproduction rear quarter panels for XW-XY Falcons. Often a replacement panel is an easier and more cost effective option than repairing a damaged or rusty factory panel. Left and right quarters are available, and upper filler panels, tail-light panels and boot gutters are coming soon. For more information, head to

7. Hafco RNB40 Nut & Blind Riverter Set

The Hafco RNB40 Nut & Blind Riveter Set features a dualpurpose hand tool that can be used to install nut rivets or blind rivets to securely join a wide range of sheet metals such as aluminium, steel or stainless steel. This versatile tool is bound to come in handy with your resto or repair, or just odd jobs around the house. The 130-piece kit includes a heavy-duty hand-operated twin-handle riveter manufactured from aluminium and steel for durability. It has moulded handles for superior grip, along with nuts and rivets to suit a variety of applications. For more information, call into your local Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse, or visit