New street machine gear: Turbo blanket, LS wiring harness screw extractor kit, plus more

We check out some new gear on the market for your street machine


1. GM 2.0 Tubular Control Arms

tubular control arms

DRAG cars, track cars and daily drivers are all subjected to different forces through different handling set-ups. The suspension and driveline experts at QA1 know this, and have now released their GM 2.0 Tubular Control Arm range. They’ve been designed to suit QA1’s Pro Coil coil-over shocks, improving upon factory geometry. Street Control Arms increase positive caster, and use polyurethane bushings for ongoing durability. Pro Touring Control Arms use longer upper ball-joints for improved caster gain, leading to better cornering grip. Bushings are made from an ultra-low-friction composite for easy movement. Finally, Drag Race Control Arms have adjustable droop-stop, allowing you to perfect front end rise during launches. The control arms are available to suit plenty of GM vehicles, including the 1964-1972 A-body, 1967-1981 Camaro and Firebird, 1978-1988 A- and G-body, and 1983-2004 S-series trucks. You’ll find them at

2. Kool Wrap Turbo Blanket

turbo blanket

WITH exhaust systems and turbo housings exceeding 800°C, it’s not surprising that many cars experience excessive cabin heat and heat-damaged components under the bonnet. That’s where Kool Wrap can help, with a range of heat protection products to help you make even more power. The company’s turbo blanket contains 12mm-thick silica fibre inner insulation, which prevents heat transfer from the ultra-hot turbo exhaust housing, while the outer blanket cover is made from either silicon-coated fibreglass cloth or titanium basalt fibre, the latter material being just the ticket for high-horsepower or racing applications due to its higher heat rating. For info visit

3. Aeroflow’s GM LS3 Wiring Harness

wiring harness

UPDATING your classic car with a modern LS donk is a great way to boost grunt, reliability and fun. Aeroflow’s GM LS3 wiring harness makes the process much easier, getting you on the road faster. The harness is a complete plug-and-play set-up for injected LS3 and LSX powerplants that use a 58-tooth crank sensor. They’ve been designed with T56 manual transmissions in mind, as well as non-electronic controlled automatics. Hooking it up is a simple four-wire affair, requiring switched power, constant power and ground connections. A sliding grommet seal ensures proper waterproofing, and the whole unit is constructed using GM Delphi connectors and terminals with high-temperature wires. For more details, visit

4. Valvoline EGR Cleaner

EGR cleaner

DESIGNED to cut down on engine emissions, EGR valves are prone to gumming up with nasty carbon deposits over time, hurting your car’s efficiency. Valvoline’s EGR Cleaner is designed to dissolve this gunk, restoring optimal flow through the intake system, manifold and inlet valves. The fast-acting formulation leaves no residue behind, and it’s super-easy to use with a spray nozzle. Visit for more details.

4. Toolmaster Screw Extractor Kit

Screw kit

FEW things are more infuriating than broken screws and studs. The Toolmaster T870 Screw Extractor Kit features 10 different-sized bits, compatible with both drills and 1/2in hex-head sockets, and can extract threads between 3/16in and 5/8in (M5-M16). Each bit is stamped with a size to match its suitable drill bit. You can find the set at

6. Ryobi Grease Gun

Ryobi grease gun

RYOBI’S ONE+ range has earned a name for itself by making previously tedious jobs far quicker and easier thanks to the addition of battery power. The 18V ONE+ Grease Gun is a perfect example, as it eliminates the need for pumping. It’s capable of generating 10,000psi to get grease into all but the tightest places. This power is especially handy when you’re dealing with old equipment that hasn’t seen fresh grease in a long while. It’s also got an in-built LED light, so you can always see what you’re doing in awkward spaces. The gun is compatible with standard 450g grease canisters or can be bulk-filled from a drum. You’ll find out more at

7. VB-VL Commodore Scuff Plates

scruff plates

IT’S the little things that can elevate a project from run-of-the-mill to something truly special, especially when you’re talking about restorations and show cars. Parts that see regular human contact are by nature hard to keep in pristine condition, so Rare Spares has introduced reproduction scuff plates to suit VB-VL Commodores. They’re packaged as a set of four, with original-style rubber edging to exacting OEM standards. The scuff plates are designed to suit the original-thickness pinch-weld on sedan and wagon door openings. Find them at