New street machine gear: T-Bar Hex key set + Dual-Quad & Carb Kits + Digital instrument package + more

We take a closer look at some new street machine gear on the market



tool setThe Toolmaster hex- and Torx-key sets are an essential for every toolbox or workshop. The free-spinning aluminium sleeve allows the T-bar handle to continuously rotate, making loosening or tightening screws quick and easy. The T-bar handle can also slide through the main body left or right, enabling greater leverage if required. These key sets come in metric hex, imperial hex or Torx. Made from chrome-vanadium steel with durable black phosphate-finish steel tips, all three sets come with a metal storage holder that can be mounted to the wall. For more information call into your local Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse, or visit


spark plugsBrisk Silver Racing sparkplugs offer better performance and reliability in high-boost, nitrous or high-compression applications. GR14S and GR14YS plugs are designed for forced-induction and nitrous applications in GM LS engines, and are replacements equivalent to NGK heat range 6 and 7-style sparkplugs. The Brisk Silver Racing plugs have a fine-wire centre electrode (not just the tip), which gives more room for the insulator between the centre electrode and sparkplug shell. More insulation results in a durable sparkplug with high dielectric strength – the most important sparkplug parameter in forced-induction applications. For further information call VCM Performance on (03) 9763 7599 or visit


dual quad & carb kitsA huge hit among street rodders, these Edelbrock RPM Dual-Quad & Carb Kits offer the ultimate set-up for anyone who wants the look and performance of dual-quad carbs. They include an Edelbrock RPM or RPM Air-Gap dual-quad intake manifold and two 500cfm Thunder Series AVS carburettors calibrated specifically for dual-quad applications (one manual choke, one electric choke). To make the installation simple, these kits also include a high-tech progressive throttle linkage, Russell fuel inlet and high-quality Edelbrock intake gaskets. The manifold and Thunder Series carbs are available with a standard satin finish or with Edelbrock’s bright EnduraShine chrome-like finish for long-lasting show-quality looks. For more information visit Eagle Auto Parts at


RacepakThe Racepak IQ3s is a complete dash cluster replacement, providing all standard road functions in a compact, simple-to-use unit. Standard data such as speed, odometer, turn signals, high/low beam and parking brake indicators are displayed, along with programmable shift and warning lights. It is an ideal complete instrumentation package for vehicles with modern engine swaps or aftermarket EFI systems. Datalogging dash units are also available. For more information contact Automotive Performance Distributors on (08) 8363 5566 or [email protected].


tie rodEarly Falcons from XR to XG are not known for their positive or comfortable steering, but that can now be rectified with these beaut new tie-rods from Stubtech. Longer in the tapered neck than a factory tie-rod, they correct the bump steer so prevalent in these models, and are available at just $100 a pair. For more information or to purchase, contact Rod Hadfield at Stubtech on (03) 5472 3868 or 0428 122 206. You can also email [email protected] or visit


wastegate rangeThe all-new Turbosmart Gen-V wastegate range has arrived, bringing with it significant enhancements showcasing Turbosmart’s ongoing commitment to developing world-class products. The new wastegates have an increased flow rate, along with the introduction of revised materials, optional liquid cooling ports and the development of a newly engineered design. There is a drastic increase in thermal performance that can handle extreme operating temperatures for longer periods of time. The new design allows for greater flexibility in tightly positioned installations, and the modular construction provides users with the ability to service all components within the latest range. Turbosmart tested over one million cycles per product, ensuring the highest possible levels of reliability. To order your Gen-V wastegate, head over to to find your closest authorised distributor.


fanGC Cooling is a manufacturer of high-performance electric cooling fans and accessories, and is an OEM supplier to manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, powersports, racing and military vehicles. Manufactured in Italy, the fans range from as small as seven inches right up to 16-inch models that can move a massive 2500cfm of air. GC’s latest innovation, the Smart Fan, incorporates a controller module that starts the fan at 150°F at 50 per cent speed and increases to 100 per cent speed at 200° F. The Smart Fan module is a factory-fitted upgrade to any fan in the GC range. Prices start at $169. For more info, call RaceMAX Direct on (02) 9791 5030 or email [email protected].