New street machine gear: CNC billet aluminium timing cover, big-block intake manifold, rockers, plus more

We check out some new gear on the market for your street machine


CNC billet aluminium timing cover

WANT some killer CNC bling for your LS? Tremaniac Racing now offers a whole bunch of goodies for LS mills, including this CNC billet aluminium timing cover. With a ballnose finish, the covers can be ordered to suit standard or raised cam heights, are compatible with small-block Chevy accessories, and, critically, still have timing marks to stop guessing games. You can find these and a whole lot more at

Valve cover baffle kits

IF YOU need some extra breathers for your mill but have no place to put them, Summit Racing’s valve cover baffle kits will sort you out. There’s two options to choose from: a double O-ring internal seal for push-in breathers, or if you’re wanting to run an EVAC-style system with a catch can or a vacuum pump, you can choose a –12 AN male thread to plumb lines to. You can find out more on 1800 230 3030 or by visiting

Air Lift Performance’s 3H kit

DROPPING a car on its guts has been a love of ours since the dawn of time, and the best way to do that is with air. The 3H kit from Air Lift Performance is a real trick way to do it, with five preset heights and auto-levelling to compensate for load increases, preventing sagging. Other neat features include a full plug-and-play ECU and manifold, along with a phone app that allows you to lay chassis rail from outside the car. You can manually adjust the suspension to where you want on the fly, and there’s also a rise-on-start function to keep the feds happy. You can find out more at

EASY PHOS degreaser mix

STOPPING your bare-metal projects from rusting away during surgery can be a challenge, and protecting them isn’t as easy as using Grandma’s old sheets. Oxytech’s EASY PHOS solution is the cure for this, a simple one-step phosphate and degreaser mix that’s a perfect pre-paint treatment for steel, aluminium and galvanised steel. EASY PHOS can protect metals for over six months from surface rust and other nasties like fingerprints, and is friendly to most metal paints and powdercoats. Available in 5L to 200L drums or aerosol cans. You can find out more at

Silicone joiners

INTERCOOLER piping can be one of the biggest bugbears when adding boost to your machine, so silicone joiners can be a godsend to get you out of a tight spot. Mishimoto has now released a whole bunch of new gear to help with DIY intercooler installations and upgrades, including a new range of silicone joiners. They’re available in a huge variety of colours and sizes, with adapters and bends to cater to just about any need. You can find out more at

Intake manifolds

PLAZMAMAN has forged a name as one of the best in the business for intake manifolds, and the company’s new manifold for big-block Chevs is no different. Made from certified aerospace aluminium, this monster manifold can cop a whopping 300psi of torture with no dramas. Other features include compatibility with both N2O and race fuel, and the options of short or tall deck, eight or 16 injectors, using 120mm wedge-style throttlebodies, and either a twin 3.5in or single 5in entry snout. You can find out more at


ROCKERS are an integral part of any engine build, and Jesel is one of the best for rockers to suit just about any project. The company’s new range includes Pro Aluminium rockers, Pro Steel rockers and the more affordable Sportsman steel rockers. The latter are stronger than the Pro Aluminium variants but without the price tag of the Pro Steels. For all your Jesel rocker needs, get in touch with Performance Wholesale on (07) 3808 1986 or